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This work is inspired by images that are generated by algorithm, such as the Lindenmayer tree pattern, fractal pattern, etc. The computer processes and transforms the unconceivable into visible colors, forms and patterns.

I put this idea to story telling.

Every story is written in a grammatical formula. Although we learnt how to distinguish between various parts of speech, we innately have the ability of constructing meanings without consciously following the specific part of speech of a word/ term.

There are two parts in this work:
1) Two books (Book A and Book B) and,
2) A Flash program.

For the first part, the participant is invited to write a new story by physically cutting words from Book B and pasting them to Book A.

Book A is encoded with the set of parts of speech taken from the Chinese translation of the classic One Thousand and One Nights.

Book B contains news concerning the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2006. The participant may use words there to write a new story according to the specific set of parts of speech suggested in Book A. This part of the work stresses the differences between writing causally and writing by rules of parts of speech.

Actually, we can make use of the same part of speech formula in Book A to produce a potentially unlimited number of new stories. However, we humans will soon find this repeating “copying” process exhausting. In this case, the computer shows us its unique generative capacity.

Thus comes the second part of the work, where I try to express the idea in a digital form, so that the participant can do the same writing-rewriting exercise on the computer: they can decode the story by clicking the appropriate parts of speech, instead of cutting and pasting them physically. That is, if you click a pronoun, all the pronouns in the passage will change to form a new story. Also, you may add whatever words and terms to the existing database of the corresponding part of speech.






這個作品分為兩部份:一) 兩部供玩者創作的書本, 二) 一個自動衍生的電腦程式。

一)書本A以古典文學《一千零一夜》第一冊的詞性譯本作為數式,而書本B則以2006年全年的新聞篇章作為變數。玩者要以書本B的變數為書本A進行解碼,把書本A重寫成可被想像、 瞭解的文章。

玩者要用這兩本書創造出另一本關於香港的 「文學巨著」。玩者要根據書本A上的詞性從書本B上用剪刀剪下合用的文字,再把它們貼在書本A上,從而建構出一個新故事。作品此部份亦强調了玩者選詞及重複剪貼的過程。

二) 然而,身體力行的複製過程是很累人的。作品的第二部份把概念搬到電腦上,以强調電腦程式本身的衍生及複製特性。玩者可在電腦上點選不同的詞性去改變用字,或加入字詞到某一詞性的資料庫予程式自動抽取選用。玩者不費吹灰之力便能把故事大改特改。


Coco L.K. HO':

Once upon a time,
there was an egg with a bright white shell.
One day, the egg shook and the shell broke,
a little creature’s hand appeared,
pointing to the sky,

someone knocked on the shell.
That was during the time of 1994-1999,
Jockey Club Ti-I College broadened her view of art,

She tried to draw and to paint to record her life,
to record the trouble
the shell stuck with her all the time.

In 2001, she met Tamagochi, the pixel chicken,
in a place called the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong,
where she was told the stories of a magician with the name “computer”,
She was amazed. She nodded with her staring eyes
and started a new unpredictable journey …

何樂家: 2005年畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,並完成創意媒體文學士課程。及後曾於香港藝術學院任教高級文憑的互動媒體科,曾任職平面廣告美術指導助理,現負責電視台的品牌傳播工作。由於中學時代於賽馬會體藝中學學習美術,對傳統藝術至新媒體藝術咩都有興趣,八八卦卦,相信創作不應受風格及專業所限。