Participating Artists and Works Exhibited


Wii Writes What Wii Moves
Ray C.H. CHAN, Keith Y.K. LAM

Twirl the Wii remote controller to hit the words like you are playing the pinball game. Words will arrange themselves into surprise collages. Are they drips and drops of secret thoughts? Word-pictures? Or just programmed coincidence of random word combinations?


Body Language
Gabbie Y.L. CHIU, Venda N.C. LEE, Told Y.S. TO, K.C. YIP

Texts will be automatically generated according to the shape, size, and movement of your body. The images in front of you look like words in someone’s dream, or scenes of a text video in which you are both the director and the actor.


Who is Singing? - Donald, can you hear me?

Lawrence C.Y. CHOI, Linda C.H. LAI

Annotated by hyperlinks to recent Star Ferry discussions, this work invites you to leave a message with Donald Tsang, which will be sung aloud on the spot as programmed chant tunes. Can Donald really hear us when our wants and needs are tempered into moderated foreign tongues? Or, has he always just taken our criticism for noise?


Untitled Announcements

Move freely in front of the TV screen, the images and the sounds of those government announcements will cross and collide, interrupting the thick chorus of the government’s call for good citizenship. Sway to and fro: it is possible to shatter the political correctness of these enchanting announcements.


de - code x re- write
Coco L.K. HO

You may make use of the scissors and the glue, spend a month to cut down every word from a whole year of local news and rearrange them. If it suits you better, cut and paste via the programmed game on the computer. Review your English grammar, create your own story.


Within a System (of Translation)
Janice Y.L. LEUNG

A line from the translated speech of Osama bin Laden’s taken from the CNN website is put into many rounds of translation -- by people of varied background, with the aid of thesauruses, and via automatic translation devices on the Internet. The “original” line generates a set of four books, each an interpretable new creation mocking its own roots. This is only the beginning…



Talk to the machine. The invisible story-teller prefers to take you through the interior of the story itself step by step. Every move counts: every decision you make, and every answer you give, affects the next flow of events. Perhaps soon you don’t care which direction the adventure story goes…as you find yourself wrestling with the story-teller’s very design of the game.


Eric C.M. SIU

Nothing machinic, but surely generative. This work brings you back to color pencils, graph paper and a calculator, with which you will visualize given mathematical equations. Unexpected images will emerge – as if they do form a sequence.


Genetic Text
Told Y.S. TO

Once you enter a set of number, a thousand possible sentences with varied structures and meanings will be generated automatically, the result of the marriage of different unique “sentential genes”.


Justin C.T. WONG

Extracting online information as its raw material in real time, the Typing Machine creates its own junk mails upon the approaching of passers-by. Is it the re-enactment, or a parody, of information over-load in our daily life?



Morgan W.F. WONG

Move your body in front of the screen to prove the rich combinatorial possibilities of phrase-making in the Chinese language. The same word can always be combined with many other words to form expressions of totally different meanings.