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Genetic Text - Told Y.S. TO

Playing with text in a computer programming approach is especially interesting: various exciting textual phenomena will emerge out of a few simple computing rules.

Genetic Text is inspired by “Genetic Algorithm”, a well-known theory in the game industry, the structure of which is in a way very similar to that of the human DNA.

This project aims to investigate the possibility of combining textual elements, computing rules and human nature. Can texts “reproduce themselves”? Can texts “inherit properties” from their “ancestors”? These are some of the questions I would like to address in Genetic Text.

Assigned with a specific combination of words, each component in this project carries its own “characteristics”. Also, each component is assigned a gender and enabled to make “babies” with the opposite sex. The baby will be born with the DNA combination of their parents. Infinite possibilities of words and sentences will then be generated.


文字和電腦的結合可以是個非常有趣的過程:一個簡單的電腦規則便能演化出千變萬化的文字組合。此作品以遊戲界裏所流行的 “Genetic Algorithm” 理論作為基礎。“Genetic Algorithm”的原理與人類DNA的結構極為相似,此作品正正利用了兩者的概念,賦予每個文字特性和性別。透過與「異性」交合,文字之間的特性會遺傳給它們的「下一代」,繼而衍生出既有「父母」基因又擁有自己特性變化的「兒女」。無限個文字組合的可能因此而無窮無盡地衍生出來。


Told Y.S. TO: Graduated from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong (majoring in New Media and Interactivity).

涂業生: 畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院(主修互動及新媒體)。