eric c.m. siu

grARTphicator - Eric C.M. SIU

Modern technologies now allow art to exist in forms that were once out of the question or beyond prior physical capabilities. In contemporary New Media art, the computer-generated image is the bridge between what is imagined and what can be achieved. Advancements in the expression of art forms can now generate results within seconds, broadening the scope of the artist’s original creation. The outcome: unexpected, new work that consistently challenges one’s artistic sense. With this kind of creative freedom that goes beyond the human mind, technology-based art opens up a whole new world from conventional perspective, composition and symmetry.

However, an ambiguity arises: is art being created, or is a formula being executed? Avant-garde filmmaker Stan Brakhage once exclaimed, “imagine a world before the ‘beginning was the word.’” In his opening to Metaphors On Vision: “How many colors are there in a field of grass to the crawling baby unaware of ‘Green’?” Brakhage believes that a new way of seeing should emerge from an untrained visual perception, not unlike that belonging to an innocent child.

The grARTphicator explores this relationship by its attempt to de-digitize the New Media art form, bringing computer interface and on-screen practice back to its pure roots of the days of Pencil on Paper. The piece lets the audience interact with it, as they are invited to draw according to given rules. Participants become artists, as they experience the process of creating an image, collectively as a machine. The grARTphicator is a setup of drawing the image within a calculated environment – using an artistic tool: the colored pencil, but its component: the graph paper, with an equation they are given.

What happens in this relationship? Are you creating art, or are you following a rule that creates your art? It is precisely the spirit of this distance, this journey and this transformation that this piece is trying to capture.



《算畫匣》人性地原始化電腦的工作,血血肉肉地展現「計」 與「畫」的關係。


Eric C.M. SIU is a young new media artist based in Hong Kong. His video art and multi-media works have been shown both locally and internationally, including USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Germany and Poland, amongst others. His video short Sliding Whites has received an honorable mention from the “WRO 05, the 11th International Media Art Biennale”, Wroclaw, Poland. Currently, he is a represented artist of Videotage (Hong Kong) and is working as a Teaching Associate at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong). Eric has a broad interest in animation, video, installation and interactive art. He loves to create interesting spectacles and to transform human perception and experience to sensational levels by means of technology. He explores media in raw and primitive perspectives.

蕭子文是一位年青的新媒體藝術創作人,他的錄像和多媒體藝術作品曾於本地及國際上不同的地方展出,如美國、澳洲、日本、韓國、德國、波蘭等。他的作品《溜‧紅綠藍》曾獲得波蘭「第十一屆國際媒體藝術雙年展 WRO 05」的特別推介。他現時為錄影太奇(香港)的代表藝術家。畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體系,現於香港專業教育學院(觀塘)任教的蕭子文喜歡作實驗性的錄像、動畫、裝置及互動藝術。他的作品針對發掘媒體的可塑性及科技的可能性,用以創作有趣的視覺、感觀以至身體經驗。