justin c.t. wong


Inspired by the tons of junk mail received every day, Typing Machine (Junk Mail Factory) is built to reveal the nonsense yet playful nature in text-generation process. Apart from being the number-one evil invading our digital life, junk mail has become a highly creative product illustrating the complicated interactions between machine and modern culture. It highlights the ambiguity that lies between “structure” and “non-structure”, the “meaningful” and the “meaningless”, and the fundamental conflicts evolved alongside the advancement of the so-called “information society” in the modern world.

Typing Machine (Junk Mail Factory) aims to re-build the junk mail generation process in which the computer, the visitors and the exhibition environment collaborate together in an implicit way. Its semi-auto / semi-controlled structure utilizes and manipulates the live data flowing on the web, with the interchange of input/output among the visitors and the environment working side by side. Live information / texts from various online sources (e.g. news, weather reports, speeches from Government Officials, etc.) are used as the raw materials of junk mails. The Typing Machine will generate texts based on the data taken from the environment through a special input interface (e.g. light source, noise level, number of people around), which the visitor can alter at his/her will. The results will be sent to my email account ( HYPERLINK "mailto:tatat@ok-head.com" tatat@ok-head.com) as junk mails.


《打字機器 (垃圾電郵工廠)》

靈感來自每天收到的大量垃圾郵件,《打字機器 (垃圾電郵工廠)》旨在表現文字於產生過程中荒唐但卻充滿玩味感的特性。當垃圾電郵已不覺間成為我們的所謂數碼生活的頭號敵人時,其充滿創意的產生過程卻正正表達了機器與現代文明之間複雜的互動關係。它突顯了隱藏於「結構」與「非結構」、「有意義」與「無意義」之間的模糊性,與及由所謂「資訊社會」的文明進步所帶來的衝突。

《打字機器 (垃圾電郵工廠)》嘗試透過電腦、觀眾與環境之間的協作去重現垃圾電郵的製作過程。其半自動、半操控的運作模式涉及網上實時資訊的摘取與運用。即時網上資訊 / 文字 (如新間、天氣報告、政府官員講詞等) 將用作垃圾電郵的原材料。「打字機器」將根據環境狀況 (如光線、聲音、人數等觀眾可隨意改變的因素),再透過特定的輸入介面去決定文字的組成。結果將變成垃圾電郵傳送至我的電郵戶口 (tatat@ok-head.com)。


Justin C.T. WONG: Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the 1990s, Justin obtained his Master of Arts in Interactive Digital Media in the UK in 2000. After his graduation, Justin worked for Last.fm, the online radio project in London, which was awarded in Austria the “Top Talent Award – Winner” from the “Europix Multimedia 2002”, and the “Net Excellence – Honorary Mention” from the “Prix Ars Electronica 2003”. Upon his return to Hong Kong, Justin has been Instructor at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong since 2004.

黃照達: 90年代畢業於香港中文大學藝術系,2000年於英國修畢互動數碼媒體碩士課程。黃照達曾於倫敦的網上電台 Last.fm工作,並分別於2002及03年度獲奧地利「Europrix Multimedia多媒體節」及「Prix Ars Electronica電子藝術節」頒發獎項。2004年回港後於香港城市大學創意媒體學院出任導師至今。