Nick foxall

Untitled Announcements - Nick FOXALL

Untitled Announcements explores the nature of public service announcements in Hong Kong through the use of found texts and video clips taken from the Government service announcements played on TV and radio. The underlying, almost nanny-like “your Government knows best” messages from many of these announcements (especially those broadcast in English), becomes somewhat subverted by the interactive, generative nature of the work. By way of viewer interaction in front of the screen, the announcements become broken, split, pushed and reconstituted (remixed). In addition, Untitled Announcements examines the possibilities of video as a writing machine medium—a writing machine of moving image.

The work consists of a large flat-panel screen and a video camera (webcam), both connected to a computer. As one or more viewers stand or walk in front of the screen, the camera tracks each. The software then extracts the motion, size and height data of each viewer (within the camera’s field of view). These data are analyzed and used to impart a direct affect on the motion of the found video and text clips playing on the screen. That is, viewers are able to impart a direct affect on the governmental narrative played, by moving to different positions (e.g. the left or right, or by crouching down), by making themselves appear bigger (e.g. raising or spreading out their arms), and by adjusting the speed of movement (e.g. running across the screen, or pushing each other).


《無題公告》運用了那些在電台、電視上播放的政府宣傳短片及語句,探討香港的公共事務宣傳性質。「你的政府總是對的」- 那些廣播揹著的教化式知訊統統被作品的自我衍生及互動性推翻。政府的宣傳廣播透過觀者在平幕前的活動而中斷、分裂、推倒、重構。另外,《無題公告》亦探索了錄像作為「文字機器」的媒介的可能性,使之成為一部活動影像的文字機器。


Nick Foxall is a freelance media artist, web designer, and videographer based in Hong Kong. Originally from the UK, Nick’s background includes graphic, brand and corporate identity design, but he now focuses exclusively on interactive, video and web-based media.
On the web, Nick has created websites for clients in Hong Kong, China, the UK, US and Canada. In video, Nick has rapidly gained experience as a freelance filmmaker, videographer, Final Cut Pro editor (Apple Certified), and video-to-web specialist. In between, Nick develops his own interactive media art pieces: his work HandHeld was shown at the “2005 Microwave International Media Arts Festival”.
Nick Foxall來自英國,為香港業餘媒體藝術家、網頁設計師及錄像攝影師。他的工作背景包括平面、品牌及企業形象設計,現專注於互動、錄像和網路媒體的創作。

Nick 曾替香港、中國大陸、英國、美國及加拿大的客戶建立網站,他亦是一位業餘電影 / 錄像創作人、Final Cut Pro 剪接師(獲蘋果電腦認可)及視訊網頁轉換專家。Nick同時致力於互動媒體的藝術創作:他的作品 HandHeld 曾於「微波國際媒體藝術節2005」展出。