RAY C.H. CHAN, Keith y.k. lam

Wii Writes What Wii Moves - Ray C.H. CHAN, Keith Y.K. LAM

According to Marshall McLuhan, technology is not only a tool, but also becomes our “second skin”. We work with technology not for its own sake but because it is so inevitable and becomes commonplace in our global society.

TV Game is playful, kind of childish. Writing is relatively static, elegant.
When TV Game meets a new control method, the way we play TV games will be changed.
When writing meets TV Game, the way we write will be changed.
When writing meets TV Game, which then meets a new control method, does it mean that the way we ‘play’ writing will also be changed?

Wii changes the way we play TV Game. When Wii meets writing, will there be new space for us to write? Wii Writes What Wii Moves explores the possibilities of writing via TV Game and Wii, the newly released TV game control method. Have fun.
Through the traditional game-play interface, you may play with the Wii remote control. Move your body, wave your hands. The pinball will follow your motion to hit the letters and distort the scenery.

科技,不只是工具,更不是跟我們的生活遙不可及,而是我們的「第二皮膚」 (Marshall McLuhan)。我們利用科技創作 / 工作並不因為科技本身,而是因為科技已經成為了我們生活中不可劃缺及不能避免的構成元素。

刺激好玩的電玩遊戲一直予人嬉鬧的感覺,與書寫的那份冷靜和優雅截然不同。而近期Wii 遊戲主機全新引進的互動介面,不單為電玩技術帶來突破,也同時改變了我們的電玩遊戲體驗。 Wii Writes What Wii Moves 旨在探索電玩和無意識書寫之間的可能性,將Wii的遙控新體驗與書寫創作結合,把傳統的arcade遊戲邏輯演化成參與創作 / 書寫的方法。


Ray C.H. CHAN: Graduated in 2002 from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Ray has participated in the “Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2003” and the “Writing Machine Collective – 1st edition” (2004) as an artist. He is currently working as a User Experience Planner in a digital marketing company.

陳志恆: 2002年畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,曾參與「香港藝術雙年展2003 」及「文字機器創作集第一輯」 (2004) 展覽。現從事介面設計的策劃工作。

Keith Y.K. LAM (a.k.a. the Demos) is an intermedia player and a new media artist. He is currently Instructor at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, and Technical Director at the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. He has participated as a new media artist in festivals such as the “Microwave International New Media Arts Festival”, “Live Culture” (organized by the Hong Kong Baptist University), and the “Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2003”. Besides, he is an electronic musician interested in combining music with new media. He has participated in compilation albums such as “Xiang Gang Electric Vol.1”, “the Dusty City”, “When French Electro Meets Hong Kong”, and a live performance for the “French May ’06 Arts Festival”.

Keith is one of the founders of GuLLDY, a new media arts group currently working on an Open Source project ( HYPERLINK "http://www.gulldy.org/" \t "_blank" http://www.gulldy.org). He is also one of the founders of init-Lab, a laboratory established to produce and develop works of interactive environment for both the commercial and non-commercial sectors. So far they have created interactive installations for Innovation Expo 2005, Sony, Canon Expo, APM, ITU Asia, ITU World, etc.

林欣傑(又名the Demos)為一位新媒體玩家,現職香港城市大學創意媒體學院導師,同時為微波國際新媒體藝術節擔任技術總監。林欣傑曾以藝術家身份參與多個藝術展的新媒體創作,包括「微波國際新媒體藝術節」、香港浸會大學舉辦的「拉闊文化」和「香港藝術雙年展2003」。他同時為電子音樂人,致力把新媒體元素注入具實驗性的電子音樂,曾合輯「香港電氣」、「the Dusty City」 和 「When French Electro Meets Hong Kong」,並參與「法國五月’06 藝術節」 的現場演出。

林欣傑也是新媒體藝術團體「玖樓陸兜友」的創會成員之一。團體現正進行一項關於「開放資源」 (Open Source) 的計劃 ( HYPERLINK "http://www.gulldy.org" http://www.gulldy.org)。他同時是init-Lab的創立人之一,組織曾為多個商業及非商業機構 ( 包括創新博覽會 ‘05、Sony、 Canon Expo、 APM、亞洲國際電訊展及國際電信展 )製作互動媒體作品。