Writing Machine Collective 4th edition (WMCe4) is in preparation.

Proposal for work is open. Send us your ideas by December 31, 2009...


WMC_e4, "Computational Thinking in Existing Art Forms"

...scheduled for September 2010, will feature works by 8 artists: Kenny Chow, Vasco Paiva, Hector Rodriguez, Justin Wong, Ip Yuk-yiu, Yvonne Lau, Linda Lai, and To Yip-sang.

Exhibition dates/events: TBC

International guest artists would be announced early 2010.

funded by HK ADC

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WMC_e3, WMC at Digit@logue, a media art event at the HK Museum of Art

Digit@logue, a media art exhibition plus lecture series, will run from May 15 to July 20, 2008

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Writing Machine Children Workshop

A series of WMC Workshop for children will be held in mid-June.
Details to be announced.


Inform 7 Workshop

Details to be announced soon.
For further enquiry, please contact info@writingmachine-collective.net

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Writing Machine Collective Ed.2
Physical Exhibition

Date : 12.1 - 8.2.2007
Venu: 1a Space, Videotage

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Writing Machine Collective Ed.2
Virtual Exhibition

From 14 Jan 2007 onwards.

Call for submissions now.
Submissions deadline: 31 May 2007

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Writing Machine Collective (WMCe1)

Date : 17.7 - 17.8.2004
Venu: 1a Space

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