morgan w.f. wong

Alliance - Morgan W.F. WONG

In Chinese writing, there are thousands of “four-word idioms”. Each of them has a very specific meaning and a story behind. A different arrangement of the same wordings indicates a complete different meaning. For example,「屢戰屢敗」, meaning losing every battle, contains a negative message. While 「屢敗屢戰」, meaning keeping fighting after losing every previous battle is, however, rather positive. By changing only the positions of two characters, an opposite meaning will be generated. Also, due to the four-word limit, many characters are being repeatedly used in different idioms. With the body movement of the audience, the linkage between the idioms is created or destroyed.

Audiences are free to move around, unite or separate with one another. They may create meaningful idioms or just combine words to form nonsense phrases, all up to them.




Morgan W.F. WONG is a multimedia art student from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.  He is interested in creating interactive works, especially those involve the bodily engagement of the audience. One of his video works, Request, has been shown at the Too Art Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre.

黃榮法: 多媒體藝術學生,就讀於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,以互動作為其藝術創作的模式。他的錄像作品《求》曾於香港藝術中心的「二樓原作」畫廊展出。